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Under-Performing Shelters and Rescues

Organizations performing at this level are only slightly better than dog catchers of the past, whose primary function was rounding up stray animals for rabies control. Even in the worst environments economically, politically and socially other shelters perform much better than this. A grade of D is indicative of an organization whose leadership has not prioritized life-saving and an organization that operates more as an animal processing center than an animal shelter.

Suggestion: Outside Full Audit

Request an Audit

Leadership would be wise to seek a full audit of the policies, practices and protocols to look for opportunities to increase life-saving efforts, ignoring the excuses some shelter managers make to avoid responsibility for less than great performance. These can and often do include the following: * There are too many animals and not enough homes. * People in our community do not want these animals. * We do not have enough (fill in the blank - time, money, staff, volunteers) to save more.The reason for an outside audit is to get perspective from an expert that is not invested in being right about these kinds of excuses. There are shelter report cards on this web site that are much better than this one that take in more animals and likely also feel they do not have enough resources. An audit can help determine what is really needed to be done and whether or not the resources needed are in place. If they aren't in place, an audit can also help identify methods for putting those resources in place.

Request an Audit

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