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Live Outcomes:





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Well Performing Shelters and Rescue Organizations

The Good News
Organizations performing at this level had demonstrated a commitment to life-saving. While they are not performing as well as the top performing organizations, they are doing better than the majority of shelters in the nation. These organizations typically do some things exceptionally well yet still have some areas in which they can improve. The following report sections will detail the most likely areas where improvement may be helpful, based on patterns found in the outcome statistics.

The Other News
Some organizations achieve this level of life-saving and feel they have "arrived," because they are saving more lives than many other shelters. Yet, in spite of the overall good performance, there are still lives that are being lost that could be saved with some additional focus on some key areas. If continued progress is being made, this save rate is an accomplishment worth celebrating. If continued progress is not being made an infusion of new energy is needed to get it moving again, because there is still some work to do.

Likely Issues or Concerns Found

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