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Live Release Rate Calculator

An animal shelter's Live Release Rate (LRR) is a simple concept. It represents the percentage of animals that leave alive and it is one of the most important measures of an animal shelter's performance.

Unfortunately, some shelters chose to use some funky math in order to make their LRR look better than it is. We have, therefore, made this calculator to help you keep them honest.

Simply click the "Compute LRR" button in the upper right (or above on mobile) of this screen and enter the raw intake and outcome data for an animal shelter or rescue group. We will automatically compute the LRR for you and grade prepare a simple report card that you can share. High-performing organizations can use the calculator to toot their own horns and advocates working to reform poorer-performing shelters can use it to help raise awareness.

Below are some of the recent report cards. Click on an organization name to see their report. To find other report cards, click the Find Report Cards button above.